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Myriad Botanical Gardens to House the Reddened-Monarch Music Festival

June 11, 2019

405 Center is very excited to announce that on Wednesday, June 12, Oklahoma City’s Myriad Botanical Gardens will house the Reddened-Monarch Music Festival from 6 to 9 p.m. The event, in its inaugural year, is intended to become an annual concert that will feature musical entertainment for OKC and the surrounding Metro communities.  Hosted by… Read More

Justin Coffee Represents the “405” at the 2019 Neighbors Conference

June 3, 2019

On Saturday, May 4, 405 Center’s President and Executive Director Justin Coffee addressed guests of the 2019 Neighbors Conference. The conference, hosted by the community faith organization Stronger Together OKC, was an opportunity for local religious leaders to come together and collaborate on ideas to solve the challenges facing the church and Oklahoma City.  The… Read More

Hoarding Your Life

June 13, 2016

I watch the show hoarders, not because it matters to my life much, but mainly because it makes me feel better about my garage. My garage isn’t out of control, or even very dirty; but it isn’t quite organized either. When I watch hoarders however, it makes me feel like my garage is closer to… Read More