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Myriad Botanical Gardens to House the Reddened-Monarch Music Festival

405 Center is very excited to announce that on Wednesday, June 12, Oklahoma City’s Myriad Botanical Gardens will house the Reddened-Monarch Music Festival from 6 to 9 p.m. The event, in its inaugural year, is intended to become an annual concert that will feature musical entertainment for OKC and the surrounding Metro communities. 

Hosted by The 405, the ultimate goal of this free, family-friendly festival is to serve as a celebratory event to benefit OKC’s homeless population.

The festival is the brainchild of The 405 Center, musician Kyle Dillingham, a native of Enid, Oklahoma, and Eddie Monarch, who formerly experienced homelessness in Oklahoma City.

Dillingham, a violinist who has performed all across the globe, met with Oklahoma City Mayor, David Holt, who is currently spearheading a task force to develop a plan regarding OKC’s homelessness issues, and was immediately receptive to Dillingham’s pitch.

“Kyle Dillingham has a remarkable heart for people, especially the people of Oklahoma City,” said Mayor Holt. “I am grateful for his vision in working with Eddie Monarch to launch this special new event. I’m very supportive of the Reddened-Monarch Music Festival, and I’m excited for the support and awareness this will provide to the issue of homelessness in our community.”

Dillingham is known for his commitment to reclaiming old, damaged and broken fiddles and the inspiration he finds in their renewal. One of his albums, recorded entirely on these instruments, is filled with songs that address themes of struggle and brokenness.

His dedication to these musical instruments, which are thought to be irreparable, is all about seeing value in things that others may not. This presents a powerful correlation to what the Reddened-Monarch Music Festival hopes to accomplish. 

“For me, there is before June 12 when we have nothing in common with our friends living outside,” said Dillingham, “but after June 12, we will all have this shared experience that I hope can somehow bring us closer together. Only music can do that!”

By mirroring the worth and potential that one can find in these beautiful fiddles with the worth and potential that lives within our community’s marginalized, The 405 Center believes this festival can create a lasting impact on the empowerment and improvement of those experiencing homelessness in OKC.

The Homeless Alliance, City Care, Hall’s Pizza Kitchen, Kamps 1910, Johnny Carino’s, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Revolve Productions, Victory Church, Inter-City Violin Studios, Coffee Slingers, Mosaic Antioch Church, Frontline Church and OKSessions have joined us on our quest to fulfill this mission of music, memories and mutual understanding. 

Headlining the concert will be Dillingham and Horseshoe Road band-mates Peter Markes and Brent Saulsbury. Additional musical acts will include Will Carl Gaines, The Odds, Jabee and Jynxx.

Festival-goers who are experiencing homelessness can enjoy a plated dinner served by volunteers, while the general public may choose from a variety of on-site food trucks.

The 405 Center is honored to serve as the primary beneficiary for festival donations. If you’re committed to changing lives and this city, donate to those who need it most. Click here.

To learn more, visit Reddened-Monarch Music Festival’s Facebook event page.


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