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Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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What We Do

What We Do

The 405 Center is all about connecting the people of our city together, for the good of the needs of the people in our city. We believe that although our city is experiencing revitalization and renewal at an unprecedented rate, our city is still overwhelmed with brokenness that no one group has the ability, manpower, or resources to heal.  There are vulnerable and marginalized citizens all over the place we call home, that are desperate for both relief and development. We also understand that at the same time our city is filled with individuals that want to be the change they wish to see here. The 405 Center aims to be the place where people convene, get trained and equipped, and then are released out to serve together in a way that counts.  When we work on engaging our city together we can do things collectively that would be impossible as scattered groups working on our own. We want to integrate the approach to meeting these needs, and together we have a chance to change our city.  We are inviting you into being a part of this change.

Our Goal

To see real and lasting positive change in our cities and communities by bringing unity to the way people serve our city.

Our Action Plan

We will create real and lasting change in Oklahoma through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, educating the community, raising awareness of the issues and mobilizing people to make an impact that counts.

Here Are Some of the Realities in Oklahoma That Are In Need of Redemption and Restoration

In Oklahoma, there are over 12,000 kids under the age of 18 in OKDHS custody.

In Oklahoma City, there are 5,200-6,500 homeless men, women and children.

Oklahoma leads the nation in having the most incarcerated women.

Oklahoma has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation but one of the highest underemployment rates in the nation.

Oklahoma ranks second in teen pregnancy and infant mortality.

These are a just a few of the critical issues that our state faces. As daunting as some of the statistics and realities we face are, there is good news in that the people of Oklahoma have demonstrated a desire to help and serve its people time and time again. After the bombing of the Murrah federal building in 1995, the phrase “the Oklahoma standard” was coined in response the way Oklahomans take care of each other. They don’t wait to be asked to help, they just come and help, and that’s just what we do. Oklahomans are known nationally as people who will jump in and serve sacrificially when presented with a need and a direction to go. The 405 Center is a place to connect needs, nonprofits, and Oklahomans eager to serve and bring light to dark places.